Have you thought about what else you could include in your weight loss program to help you achieve your weight loss goals? What about adding a nice massage into the mix? A massage is an excellent way to help naturally detoxify chemicals that occur within the body during an intense workout. It also helps to cleanse chemicals that we put inside of our bodies. But can massage therapy help you lose weight?

When we engage in exercise there are certain chemical reactions that occur within our body. These are made up of cellular debris and other chemicals known as lactic acid. Lactic acid is excreted from our muscles during exercise. When lactic acid is released, it often makes the muscles very sore.

When you incorporate a massage into your weight loss program, it helps to release lactic acid chemicals that are retained in your body. Therefore, there is less of a chance of your muscles being sore after you exercise. This is especially important because when your muscles are sore, it is less likely that you will exercise the next day.

Another great thing about adding a massage into your weight loss program is it helps to increase blood circulation within the body. This helps to clear up skin and may even help with excreting fatty capsules held within the body.

A study conducted using endermologie, a machine-assisted massage system, was conducted on 85 people, which included participants, ages 21-61, all of which has different weights and body shapes. Forty-six participants who completed seven sessions of the treatment showed a vast improvement in body circumference. These participants noticed their measurements were 1.34 cm smaller than when they first started treatment.

Another thirty-nine participants who received treatment for 14 sessions showed a decrease in body circumference by 1.83 cm. What is even more amazing is that participants saw a reduction in body circumference, regardless of weight loss or gain.

Do you want more of an incentive? What about having clearer, suppler skin? Patients in this study also saw a noticeable difference in the contours of their body as well as better skin texture.

Does Massage Therapy Help Aide Your Weight Loss Program
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